Monday, 6 July 2009

Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry

Born : May 8th 1963
His career as a filmmaker began with creating music videos for the French rock band Oui Oui, in which he also served as a drummer.Other artists who have collaborated with Gondry on more than one occasion include Daft Punk, The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers, The Vines, Steriogram, Radiohead, and Beck.
Paul McCartney song "Dance Tonight", in which Gondry makes a cameo appearance.
Radio Head - Knives Out
It features Thom Yorke in a hospital by the bedside of a woman, played by Emma de caunes, who appears to be his partner in the video. The whole video was shot in one take, quite remarkable considering the scene changes required. Attempts to interpret the surreal imagery and fit it with the song lyrics were dashed when Gondry eventually revealed that the video was autobiographical. Some may find thematic parallels with Gondry's later film Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind.

My Favourite Music Video.

Passion Pit - The Reeling

I heard the song weeks before i saw the video which i think helped me to carry on watching or be interested in the video. It is in a style of magazine/newspaper, and like there are many layers that are being torn away to reveal the next image. It is not conventional in the style, however does reflect many other music videos with walking down the street. The singers appear with magazine heads on normal bodies. I like it because it has layers you are constantly waiting to see what the next image is going to be, also a great song!

Micheal Jackson - Thriller

Im sure that this is alot of people favourite video. It is a landmark video in that everyone has seen it! with its signature dance and the star Micheal Jackson. It is a video that has lasted throughout the years, for example my Mum can remember when it came out and having to stay up late to watch the full version and in my opinion it is still as popular now as it was then. As everything it interactive/multimedia now, you can tell how popular it is with the response on sites such as Youtube where fans do there own version. I like it as it is a mini film and i love the dancing!


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