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Record company

We choose on island records to be our record label. This is because in AS we did alot of research around the company and liked there values. Also we felt that our band would sit alongside all the other acts in the company.

500 word analysis of a music video

Case study - Take That

Looking at Take That from the time period 1990's to the present day.

Take That formed in 1990's as a five person band, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange. They sold more than 25 million records between 1991-96 and dominated the UK charts in the early 1990's. Take That won two best selling albums of the decade with Everything Changes and Greatest Hits. They split in 1996 and returned in 2005 as a four man band. The album cover above is not the image they were sending out back in the 1990's, through there music videos i will show the change in them and the sucess it bought.

Do What You Like

One of there first music videos and was very low budget. Like other boybands in the 1990's there were first bought into the music world by selling themselves as gay icons, which can be seen through this video. The video is them getting naked and putting jelly on themselves, it was banned from daytime tele and now days is normally always mention is the top 10 of worst videos ever made. However it got some puplicity and there names were out in the show biz world.

There breakthrough single was a cover of the 1970s Tavares It Only Take A Minute.

The music video shows the band at a boxing ring, Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are outside the ring looking at a girl and trying to catch her attention. The other three members are in the boxing ring doing the dance routine and also backflips and break-dancing. Throughout the video the members of the band are shown using the gym and boxing, this shows them more masculine in comparision the the previous video. This song got them into the top 10.

A Million Love Songs

A Million Love Songs is Gary Barlow song, he wrote it when he was 15 and realesed it with Take That which went to number 7 in the charts. The music video is mostly black and white with water colour effect to make it blury. The saxaphone is the main instrument played by Mike Stevens and himself has become famous because of this song. At Take That concerts Mike does an extended version of the saxaphone piece. The other four members are very much backing singers in this song and in the video you can see them paired of to sing the "oo's" and the "yeahs".

Relight My Fire

"Relight My Fire" was revived in 1993 by Take That and featured guest vocals from LuLu reprising the Holloway role. The second of the band's eleven number-one hits, it topped the UK singles chart for two weeks in October 1993.The video starts with two people opening the doors to the club, the band then walk in, and through all the people in the club. The group is then shown throughout performing the song. When Lulu's section comes in she is first shown dancing in the club and singing. Then the band and Lulu sing the song together on the stage till the end of the song. The video finishes with the band being the last to leave the club when everyone else has gone It more upbeat to Million love Song and shows that Take That dont want to be seen as a slow band.

Back For Good

Written by Gary Barlow, who also sang the lead vocal on the track, it was their sixth UK chart-topper, and their only US top ten hitentered the UK singles chart at number one, selling 300,000 copies in its first week. It remained at number one for four weeks, and eventually sold 965,000 copies. A music video was released to promote this song. The video was shot in black and white. The group at the start are running through the rain and into a hut. Jason is playing the guitar and the others are sat around singing the song. Towards the end of the video the group sing the song and dance in the rain, with the cars in the background.

Never Forget.

The music video starts with fans dashing through gates at a concert towards the stage and security guards patroling to contain the crowds. The video then shows short clips of all the members of the band as children, before then showing still photographs of the members as children. The video shows a montage of the bands history including awards won, Gary accepting an award from Elton John, meeting Prince Charles and their international fans. The video cuts between footage on a hand held camera of the band starting out and them in the present day. The video shows clips of earlier videos and before they were famous TV appearances, as well as early rehearsal footage. The video also shows how their lives have changed with barrage of fans everywhere they go and international plane journeys, as well as concert footage. The video ends with the band heading off after a concert in a van and then a clip of Gary as a child riding away on his trike. This was one of there last songs in the 1990's. Once Robbie Williams left they carried on there tour but they did there last show in Amsterdam.

The comeback!
"On may 06, Take That came back to the recorded music scene after more than ten years, signing with Polydor Records in a deal reportedly worth 3 million pounds. The band's comeback album Beautiful World entered the UK album chart at no.1 and, as of June 2009, has sold over 2.6 million copies in the U.K. It is currently the 35th best selling album in UK music history.Unlike the band's earlier works, where the majority of their material was written by Gary Barlow, all songs are co-written by the band members. The come-back single Patience was released on November 06, with a special event launching it on 5th November ( bomfire night) On 26 November Patience hit number 1 in the UK in its second week of chart entry making it the group's 9th No.1. The video for Shine, the follow-up to Patience was premiered on 25th January 07 on Channel 4, ahead of its release on 26 January 07."


One of there comeback singles and you can tell that there image has changed. They are all dressed smartly now and mark is doing the lead vocals. There music video is shiny - to reflect the name and glossy. Its a fun song and again showing a different side to them in comparison to Patience there previous single. This song has been used in the media for example it was/is the song for morrisons.

Rule The World.

The music video was directed by Barney Clay and filmed at Abbey Road studios It shows the band and the orchestra at the studios performing the song with excerpts shown from the movie, Stardust. It premiered on ITV on 22 September 2007. Take That comeback has allowed there music to be cross media- used in advert and films. This is more recontion for them.

Up All Night

From the new album The Circus. The lead vocal by Mark, the video is in the style of a street party.

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