Sunday, 22 November 2009

Looking at the genre.

It was hard to narrow down what genre The Crimson Cucumbers are so i did some research into passion pit to understand where they stand in the music buisness.

There genreisto be Electronica, alternative dance and Wonky Pop...... ( meaning)

The term was used uinb the United states in the early 1990s with regards to post-rave global-infuluenced electronic dance music

Altrernative dance
Also refers to as underground dance in the US, is a musical genre that mixes rock subgenres with electric dance music. Although largely confined to the British Isles, the genre has gained American and worldwide exposure through acts such as New Order in the 1980s.

Wonky Pop
Is a term used to describe to loose grouping of muscials acts that play wat the BBC calls "quirky, catchy and credible pop".

I really like the phrase "wonky pop" so i think i will use this as the genre for The Crimson Cucmbers

Music Video Analysis of similar genres

French Navy Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a indie pop band from scotland. I have loved this song for a over a year and never thought about the video, until looking into it for this project. I have got to say tho that myself im not as interested for music videos anymore, i still love to watch them but music is everywhere and especially online that im not that excited to see the video. In comparison to when i was younger and could wait to see the latest video of boyzone or westlife! but i think this is down to bands that are "indie" they don't look high finished or have lavish sets that are full of profile shots of the boy band boy doing some air grabs and turning away from the screen. They have a look thats all homely or based within one area. For example in Camera Obscura video they are performing in what looks like a home/flat. They are not in a white studio with fake lighting, indie look is for it to be natural and low budget. Also the band is shown not to sit on a stall and try and lipsynch , instead they let of this feel that there a completely into there music. Playing the instruments and the camer having no real focus on one member. The camera almost postions you so you are particapating in the performance. Camera Obsura video also swithches between the love story between the characters and the performance. Looking at the video as a whole i think it has similarites to our, whereas it has the band performance and the running story of the two characters.

Plain White T's -Hey There Delilah
The same in which i said about Camera Obsura French Navy is that the band are performing in a flat. The main singer is playing is playing his instrument and rarley looks into the camera to do a performance, instead it us as an audience looking at him playing privatly. The style of the video is unusual, and i think this is what the indie style tries to do. To challange what is a music video, in Hey There Delilah the whole video is split into three squares so the whole video isnt shown as one. There is the song, the performance, storyline and the technique of the video.

Razorlight - In The Morning

Razorlight video is a performance but again it is not to the camera they look invovled and playing there instruments. What i really like about this video is the main male dancer it is the perfromance. Again it is not a high gloss video it looks like it is set in a local pub and they are just a small band playing.

I think the whole indie look of a video for them as performers to be understated. Not to be the center of attention in the video, if shown then they are playing the instruments and in depth with there music. The perfromance is normaly between a boy and a girl love story. There is a certain colour to the videos wheras there is dull or little colour. Throughout each video there is a colour theme.

Monday, 2 November 2009


The date we presented the pitch fell on the monday after we filmed. Therefor we had a clear idea of how we wanted to present it. Here is some of the slides -

Few shots of the filming up london - Monday 26th

At the weekend we went to london southbank to film. We had our main person ( James Tripp). We varied our shots to close ups and wide shot, also the back drop to be different. It was an advantage in having it in photo animations as when we were out shooting we could see what we have done and how it came out easily. When we was out we were adding to the storyline. All along we did want a story to be with the girl and boy, however not a major storyline. Therefore we had them meeting at the beginning. Some ideas worked out well, and overall we did stick to the storyboard, and out of all my projects i have done to date having the storyboard was useful. However the a scene with the moving umbrella, worked well as stills but when piecing the story together it didnt seem to fit anymore.
We was luckly with the weather as it was sunny in some parts, when we got to the instrumental part there was a bit of cloud however we knew when come to editing that part we would add effects.
(here are some of the photos we took, un-editied)