Monday, 22 February 2010

mini crit/screening

Today we screened all our music videos. The week before half term we managed to fill the full 4.13 minutes of our music video. With the beginning and end with the spilt screen. Which went well, however in my mind as usually it looked better. But for the rough cut i was semi happy with the result.


Mostly everyone liked it, the liked the song and the colour with animation. A few things were said about the band section as it holds for a bit too long. However me and rebecca knew this but we are now worried if we was to try changing it about it will full out of sync. However as we noticed that aswell we will give it ago over the next two weeks. I want to show it to people now who dont no the idea, style or anything and get there reaction!.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Monday, 8 February 2010

Work in process.

This is my digi pack at the moment. My favourite bit is the back as i think it look believble, but im not total sure of the other two? i think they work but im going to play around with other photos to see what other ways i can come up with. The front cover is like Passion Pits front cover as i thought i would carry on them and fit in with the genre. And i think it is important that there is moths at the front as the album is named after the song we choose "Moths Wings".
This is the beginning part of my poster. Because i like the background i kept the photo the main image, also it is of the band so makes sense to promote the album to have the band. I also added moths in the background and turned down the oppacity to make them not 100 % noticable. However i need to decided on text and what information.

I am going to keep with the Crimson in a crimson colour but im not intirely happy with the text, i think it is a bit simple and looks like a letter heading at the moment. So i think i need to develop that, and maybe make the text bigger?

This is the best text overall at the moment. I think the style matched the quaint style of a moth and i kept to the crimson being in a different colour. I had the date in a different colour as i think the video, and to an extent the poster and digi pack is serious ( our band is meant to be a young band). So having the multi colour adds a bit of fun and also makes it stand out. I also adding the information on the song at the top of the page.

The section between the title and the information at the top i feel there needed to be something. However i dont want anything to heavy to take the attention from the rest of the poster. Therefore i turned up the contrast on the main moth in the background. Also added a green tint. Im still deciding where to go, i think i might as other people opinon before i say it is the final one.

Ideas for Digi pack.

Needs to include
-The band.
-List of songs.
-Photo from music video.

I want there to be a hint of animation or the style cut out as i think it is an important style to the band. There music is not the norm and i think it should reflect it in the digi pack.

For the poster i want to have a photo from the cd cover as the main photo so the two ( well actually all three,including music video) have a running thread.

Why do you need promotion?

what is promotion ?

Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. It is one of the four key aspects of the marketing mix. (The other three elements are product marketing, pricing, place.)
Promotion is generally sub-divided into two parts:
Above the line promotion: Promotion in the media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, Internet, Mobile Phones, and, historically, illustrated songs) in which the advertiser pays an advertising agency to place the ad
Below the line promotion: All other promotion. Much of this is intended to be subtle enough for the consumer to be unaware that promotion is taking place. E.g. sponsorship, product placement, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising, direct mail, personal selling, public relations, trade shows.

Beginning and the end.

The storyline is loosley based around this boy and girl. At the beginning James looks at the video on the wall, then it goes into the music video. And the end it is sarah looking at the film finally walking of together. We was originally going to have it projected onto the t-shirt however we somehow got led to do it this way. Which works aswell. We tried on a white background and on black. The white area didnt turn out the best for what we wanted it for. As they walk of to the left and where we were there wasnt enough white wall to cover the whole section , so basically we are sticking with black. The beginning and end will be the last thing to do as we need to put it on final cut to be able to the the split screen. It should be simple though as it is only a picture being transfered onto the wall.Fingers cross!


Okay we have decided last minute to reshot our band sequence. Just have something simple without an effect with close ups on the band. The day we decided to do it was actually a really nice day. It was sunny with a little layer of snow which gave a bright reflection. As it has been a while since we done the first go they knew the song much better, which is what we needed as we was not adding an effect so they synch had to be perfect.

This was the look of it - but once again when putting it into the music video it really didnt go. So once again we went back to the orginal footage. We spent a little time on editing and trying out different effect, but still keeping the edge look. We turned the brightness up high so it is mostly white now. It looks like this..

I like it mainly for the performance and also it is the closest we have got to our original idea. To date we are sticking with this as it fit almost perfect, theres one scene where we had to add some stills, overall it goes with the music.

Sooo hopefully this means the band section is complete!

The band.

A few post back showed/and talked about the band sequence. Eventhough it is only a small bit of the music video it is important as it breaks all the photographs up. We were told and thought it was to create a silhotte in finale cut by having them in front of a white background. However i didnt work out, one reason was we stupidly put the camera on the side not thinking that it would be turned up on the screen. So most of Ross's shots looked like this.

It was/is extremly fustrating. But even more annoying the the silhotte didnt work. We tried uping the contrast but it just isnt what we had in mind. Ideally we need a massive thing sheet ( that is pinned up) with a huuggee light behind the person. But i think we are running out of time and its just not working. We thought of different ways to present the band. We have got some photos of the band to carry through the transiton if each section but like i said i think we need real footage. We also tried a photomontage, inspired by the The Reeling, Passion Pit song, and also Kings of Leon CD cover where sections of a face builds up one.

But i think it dosent fit in the video so we cut it out. Still trying to find something to fit in and runnig out of time! As we need to know where everything is going, we decided to return back to what we done. We used an effect called Edge which basically just shows the edge. It is the closest we could get to a sillhote without having one. However it is very dark. And is a big contrast as most of the video is still light. Argh have to think of new ideas !


Since we filmed we have put all the footage into sections, this is so it is easier to sort them out. Also some of the scenes were are going to edit using photoshop. It is a long process however it is much more easier doing it with photographs compared to last year when it was starting from scratch. In the beginning shot we have James walking across the right of the screen. The colour creeps up eventually making the whole screen colour to set up the rest of the video. How i did this was to marquee the background and bit by bit bring more colour into the shot.

At the same time rebecca took the moths section in the instrumental part. Our first ideas was to have the moths throughout the music video however having over 250 photographs i think we was being to ambitious. So we choose the instrumental as it is a slow bit in the song where the song or music dosent really change. We used a filter called "cut out" on the instrumental part ( also the stills of the band) because when we watch passion pit first release, the real band, they had an effect of magazine ripped so we wanted it to be contious and having it a bit different. The same as the walkin across, the moths move by section by section moved. We also have been doing a cut out city. This was our first idea for our music video we saw an advert and like the storybook pop up look. However we did a tester ( admittly with cardboard) and it just didnt look write. So we decided to have each photograph appear to make up a picture. At the moment we are having trouble with getting them to appear on the beat of the music. I think that it wont never be perfect, but i really want it too so just going to have to try new things.

Target Audience.

We have decided that our target audience would be anyone between the age of 16-30. It is a broad age range as music interest is subjected, however our style of the video would be more for the younger/middle age. This is because i think animation and cartoons are more of a younger thing.
However it would be liked by older people but maybe just for first look, i think 16-30 would reutun to watch it again.