Monday, 8 February 2010

Work in process.

This is my digi pack at the moment. My favourite bit is the back as i think it look believble, but im not total sure of the other two? i think they work but im going to play around with other photos to see what other ways i can come up with. The front cover is like Passion Pits front cover as i thought i would carry on them and fit in with the genre. And i think it is important that there is moths at the front as the album is named after the song we choose "Moths Wings".
This is the beginning part of my poster. Because i like the background i kept the photo the main image, also it is of the band so makes sense to promote the album to have the band. I also added moths in the background and turned down the oppacity to make them not 100 % noticable. However i need to decided on text and what information.

I am going to keep with the Crimson in a crimson colour but im not intirely happy with the text, i think it is a bit simple and looks like a letter heading at the moment. So i think i need to develop that, and maybe make the text bigger?

This is the best text overall at the moment. I think the style matched the quaint style of a moth and i kept to the crimson being in a different colour. I had the date in a different colour as i think the video, and to an extent the poster and digi pack is serious ( our band is meant to be a young band). So having the multi colour adds a bit of fun and also makes it stand out. I also adding the information on the song at the top of the page.

The section between the title and the information at the top i feel there needed to be something. However i dont want anything to heavy to take the attention from the rest of the poster. Therefore i turned up the contrast on the main moth in the background. Also added a green tint. Im still deciding where to go, i think i might as other people opinon before i say it is the final one.

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