Friday, 8 January 2010

Bands/Artist promotion. Analysis of CD covers

This is Passtion Pits album cover, the band who sing moths wings. I like this cover as it is simple. But also the marks on it, it sound silly but when look at the colour you keep looking at the minor detail. Also it is dark and dosent reveal much. So is interesting if you are a fan, as you know then name and artist and if your not a fan it look myseterious.
Madonna celebration is based on Andy Warhol pop art work, which i like. It fits with her being in that pop culture and sums up the changing faces on madonna. This one she is immating Marylin Monroe. I also like the newspaper magazine look.
Ive always loved this album cover, the inside bit aswell, as it just so interesting to look at. He is everyone down to the smallest person on the right. Also he has a running theme of having his name down the side which i like, it is like he has branded it. Also i think it is perfect which is why i like it. It isnt just a profile picture of the artist, it has fun and somethig to look at. The cd cover is matching the cd.
This is an example of the profile pictures i said previously. They do work though, the simple and black and white works well for this album. Also being the greatest hits you can not apply it to one album so for a stretch of time it works.